Monday, April 1, 2013

The 10 Best Children's Books on Brushing Teeth

Introducing the wonderful world of dental hygiene can be frustrating for parents and children alike.

Fortunately, these 10 fabulous stories help encourage the importance of keeping those pearly whites healthy and happy.  Try reading one of these fun books when your little teeth-brushing-newbie starts their dental routine! And enjoy that fresh sparkly little smile!

10.) Clarabella's Teeth

Poor Clarabella! She spends all day brushing that giant mouth of crocodile teeth! This spirited story is a fun way to discuss oral hygiene with preschoolers. Written by An Vrombaut
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9.) The Tooth Book 
This classic Dr. Seuss book talks about who has teeth, who doesn't, and how to make sure we keep the teeth we have!
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8.) Have You Ever Seen a Moose Brushing His Teeth? 

This cute story will inspire children to take care of that smile! Written by Jamie McClaine and April Goodman Willy
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7.) The Tooth Book: A Guide to Healthy Teeth and Gums 
This book combines straightforward advice with little sprinkles of tooth history and lore. Sure to help answer all those questions that your little one has about their teeth! Written by Edward Miller
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6.) Brush Your Teeth Please Pop-Up 

Kiddos will have a blast reading this delightful pop up book! Full of animals and fun this story is an easy way to introduce the importance of brushing your teeth! Written by Leslie McGuire
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5.) I Know Why I Brush My Teeth
Sam learns about molars, canines and incisors, baby teeth and big ones, and how to look after them all. Ideal for children in Kindergarten and older! written by Kate Rowan
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4.) Brush, Brush, Brush!
This cute sing-songy book makes brushing teeth fun! By Alicia Padron.
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3.) Open Wide: Tooth School Inside 

This hilarious book combines interesting facts and a quirky story by Laurie Keller. Open Wide is sure to entertain and inspire children of all ages to take better care of those pearly whites. By Laurie Keller.
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2.) Melvin the Magnificent Molar 
Narrated from Melvin's perspective, this tooth book teaches little ones how to have happy healthy teeth. Written by Laura Jana, illustrated by Allison Valentine,
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 1.)  Pony Brushes His Teeth 
In this book pony learns to brush his teeth by watching his dad. Tip: After reading this book have your child watch you brush your teeth and see if he can learn just like pony! Written by Michael Dahl
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